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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Two years!

Today marks the two year anniversary of my being a designer full time. It has  been a wonderful, empowering, stressful, joyful and exhausting two years and I would not trade them for anything.
I could not have done any of this without the never ending support from my wonderful (and really cute) husband Victor, my mom, our nanny Megan (I really could not get anything done without her loving care of my girls) and my friends...Sarah, Jess, Dane and Elaine I am looking at you. I also want to thank Modern Domestic for hiring me as a teacher- I just love teaching and all of the stores here in Portland that carry my work.
Thank you all!

So here is what I am working on for the next year and beyond-

*To design and produce a line of printed textiles! This is the big one and I am excited.

*To get a little bit of help. One woman is simply not enough...Anyone in Portland interested in interning for me? Get in touch!

*To have a wholesale line to offer to fabulous stores around the country.

*To work on my book proposal- a machine applique/lifestyle book with patterns, instructions, tips and   of course amazing photos that inspire.

*To be a little bit less hard on myself. I can only do as much as I can do- comparing myself to others only slows me down and bums me out.

* To work less when I am with the girls and to be as present of a mother as I can be. They are growing up so fast- I don't want to miss it.

And the most importantly a huge thanks to all of YOU! To everyone who has ever purchased something from my shop, followed my blog and supported my work. Thank you. 


You can also learn a little bit more about my journey here.


  1. CONGRATULATIONS! I've been following you for the second half of your adventure and you are Truly Inspiring.

  2. Congratulations!!!You are amazing and I love you and all you do!