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Monday, January 28, 2013

28 to Great

After the New Year and my birthday this year I was feeling really out of balance- my body was hurting, I was tired and my pants were a little snug after a holiday season of sitting (working, but still- sitting) discovering my love of whiskey and holiday party food.  I felt like I had a good rhythm with work and family but diet and exercise were not making the cut in my busy life. Time for a change.

I saw my friend Gwen the other night and she looked amazing- she told me she was taking the "28 to Great" challenge from Barre3 - an exercise program that is described as "Where ballet barre meets yoga and pilates". I decided to check it out ( I love yoga and pilates, but never had the time to practice in a studio) and decided to join the challenge too! For $28 I get unlimited online classes for a month, a Barre3 ball sent to me in the mail, recipes and meal plans. So far I am totally in love. The workouts are challenging, but fun and relaxing and I can do them at home from my lap top while the girls play.  I have already made a few of the recipes and they are easy and delicious- it is not a diet, just suggestions for eating whole foods and tons of veggies. I also love that Barre3 is a woman owned business started right here in Portland. It feels like the perfect jump start to add strength back into my body, not just my business in 2013.
And I can't wait to shop for cute workout clothes when I reach my 28 day goal....

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