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Monday, September 17, 2012

Vote to win!

Good morning and happy Monday! In an effort to show you all how much I love you I am going to give away a set of napkins from my new fall textile collection to a lucky voter! After you have voted please leave a comment here and your name will be added to the hopper. The more times you vote the more chances you have to win! The winner will be announced on September 25th- you can vote everyday until then! Happy voting and good luck. Please vote here!

ps- I spy my napkins... I think Martha likes them! Fingers crossed.


  1. Great! Your name is in there! And thank you- you can vote everyday until the 24th:)

  2. I love your work! I have voted for you several time! Hope you win:) One of these days I will hopefully own something you make!

  3. Voted again first thing this morning!! :)

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  5. Voted this morning!! I really want you to win :)