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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I just have to get something off my chest- balancing work and family is really hard. The last week or so it has been especially hard.  I am working like a maniac on projects, trying to be a good mother, attempting to not ignore my husband and am pretty much asleep at the wheel when it comes to cooking and cleaning. Quesadillas anyone?
So many wonderful opportunities are coming my way and I am the type of person who will just work until things are done...but when you have a three and six year old coming home after two hours that work has to STOP. Then I feel guilty because I feel like a bad mother and when I am being a "good" mom I am anxious because my to do list is piling up and up and up.
I am looking for balance...
Last night I read (twice) this Biz Ladies post from Design Sponge about keeping your cool as a small business owner.  I will read it again today if I need to.
Ok- venting session over, now back to work!

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