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Monday, November 7, 2011

Sick, oh and tired.

I have had pneumonia all weekend (and probably for about a week before that, but just went to the doctor last Friday) and spent the entire weekend in bed. I have not been flattened by an illness like this in years. But this morning I am finally ready to attack all of the work that has piled up. My first holiday show (Sunday Best at the Ace Hotel Dec 2nd and 3rd- such a good show!) is less than 4 weeks away, Crafty Wonderland  is the following weekend (Dec 10th & 11th) and I teach every weekend leading up to both events.  And lets not forget the children... If I think about all of it I will just go back to bed. So instead I am going to work as hard as I can (without making myself sick again).  I need to just be grateful that I am able to make art and spend time in my studio and be a part of the amazing art and craft community here in Portland...Yes. That is what I am telling myself (as I feverishly try and do 3000 things at once, be a good mom, not ignore my wonderful husband, make food... the list goes on.) Send some good cyber vibes my way will you please?

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  1. Pnuemonia has a tendency to not be ignored..pesky thing. I do hope the strong antibiobics get you on your feet soon..remember, sleep is a healer! xo

  2. So sorry you're sick, I'm right there with ya, fever and all. Hope it's not pnuemonia though. Good luck getting all done - Moms always do somehow.