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Friday, June 24, 2011


I think that these camera bags from Epiphanie are some genius. I loved having my camera with me in Chicago but was worried about it most of the time and the flimsy zip bag that I made to keep it safe was too thin to do much good but keep everything in one place. I am loving the idea of being out on the town with your camera, lenses and not looking A. like a total nerd, B. Putting your camera in danger and C. having a huge sign around your neck that says "steal me".

I think the Lola in red is my favorite. Consider it officially added to my "Want List".


  1. Ahhh! =) Thanks so much for introducing these camera bags! I love them! They're so cute and I need a camera bag like this.

  2. Rigth? I love them too. When is Christmas cause this is on my list!