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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Quit your day job

I was featured yesterday on the Etsy blog for the "Quit Your Day Job" series and have been totally blown away by the response. I cannot tell you how motivating it is to see 185 and counting comments about my piece that say "You inspire me!". I am humbled and inspired  myself.  It is such a gratifying moment, after all of the hard work, with my friends and family cheering me on in my little basement studio to show everyone that if you want something you can have it if you work hard enough.
And I also want to thank Etsy for being Etsy.  I do have aspirations to grow my business beyond Etsy soon, but I could not do what I do without it. To be able to start a business with two children (ages 9 months and 3 at the time) with nothing but a sewing machine, a room in my basement a camera and a computer is pretty amazing and I have Etsy (and coffee) to thank for making that happen.
Now hear this universe (while we are on the topic of dreams-) I WANT TO WRITE  A BOOK. Oh, and have it be a smashing success...Book tour outfits are something I day dream about.

 Does anybody else have any dreams they want to share?


  1. Well, I daydream about having a life style similar to yours. Your article was not only inspiring but full of great tips and reminders. I especially loved your comment about inventory. I have the exact same problem and must amend it ASAP!

  2. awesome!! Fabulous and im really pleased :) im going to go read the feature now. Congratulations on that!

  3. Thank you- yes inventory woes...I feel that so much. I get so excited and spend too much. Its a goal to fix that in 2011. Save more and spend less.

  4. I am back to work tomorrow after a years maternity leave & have spent any free minute working on ideas that could, maybe one day be a little business. I studied art & photography years ago & seem to have got a bit lost over the years, but I have a vision now of what I want to achieve and you've made me realise it is possible. Thank you!

  5. I just stumbled across this article in an Etsy email today and am inspired! I have been putting my creativity on the back burner after having children and am ready to move forward. I dream of creating more, having help with childcare :-) and writing a book as well!

  6. Ahhh to write a book. Read my last post on FEAR and you will know how I feel about this! I am trying to get a book proposal done before summer sets in...we will see how that goes.