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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Annie Hall

I saw Annie Hall for the first time the summer before my sophomore year in high school and it changed the way I dress forever. I wore a pair of my dad's dockers, red Converse All Stars and a white shirt with a tie almost every day for a year after my memorizing every line in the movie.
This fall I am feeling the love for Annie and her wardrobe all over again. I will not rest until I have a perfect pair of wide leg tan trousers and a collection of skinny stripe t-shirts to wear with everything this fall. 

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  1. Matt and I dressed as Annie and Alvie for a costume party last fall. Yes, it was actually our 6-year-old nephew's costume party, and thus the genius was lost on the crowd, but our attire was later appreciated when we turned up at a friend's [non-costume] party later in the evening. Love Annie Hall!!