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Friday, May 14, 2010

A new pillow

I wish people were as into buying pillows as I was into making them. I am in this mood where I could make pillows all day and night and never stop. I would love to make hundreds of them and see them all stacked together. And my favorite chocolate pin dot cotton that this pillow is made from has been discontinued!! NO!!! I form very strong relationships with my fabrics and when we have to say goodbye it is hard until a new fabric muse comes into my life. I still think about this batch of amazing dotted Swiss that started my obsession with that fabric. I had lavender with white, dark orange with black, and cream with chocolate dots. So amazing. That fabric also started my love affair with vintage fabrics- I have had so many good ones come into my life recently from the thrift stores in Tillamook! Ever since becoming a parent I almost never thrift, but when we drive to beach along the Wilson River, Tillamook is a perfect place to stretch out. Victor is kind enough to entertain the girls while I speed dig through all the sheets, pillow cases and craft sections of each store on the strip.
I am really hoping that I can find another perfect chocolate dot- maybe I could be so lucky to find something even more inspiring...

On a personal note- I just have to post this link to a blog entry on perfectly sums up our life after our second baby Iris and is so funny.

Fumbling Dummies

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